Our guidance, vision and investments have launched a number of internationally successful companies that boast streamlined business models, a high-impact web presence and rock-solid brand positioning.

Operating through a network of carefully identified strategists, designers, marketers and investors who bring their world-class strengths together, CassVentures helps startups and SME businesses hit their stride and exceed expectations.


BARDS Collective

Founded in London in 2014, BARDS Collective is a digital storytelling agency that specializes in creating and promoting content that speaks. They have worked with brands from Europe, North America, and the Nordics.

The company is made up of two branches: a strategic development side containing a full-stack brand accelerator, and a creative arm that gives brands new voice through artistic know-how.

Core competencies include product and web development, digital marketing strategy, branding, content creation, and video production.


EarlyNinja is the revolutionary new platform for the digital distribution of early access videogames.

Founded in 2015, the service offer a transparent and fair environment for both gamers and developers by promoting the creation of high quality games and by offering a unique refund policy.

This disruptive model is poised to restructure the face of early access gaming.


Readbug is a digital magazine platform – an exciting startup, tipped to be the first truly digital platform for digital magazines.

CassVentures met them at the end of their successful crowdfunding round, and was instrumental in reassessing their branding and target audience, establishing a strategy aimed to reach the ideal audience positioning.

The company has gone on to launch new key partnerships with leading international magazines.

Del Toro Shoes

Del Toro is an international luxury lifestyle brand based out of Miami, Florida. CassVentures audited the marketplace and ran a gap-analysis to identify untapped opportunities that could take the company into new territories beyond a fashion brand.

This strategy has brought Del Toro to new levels of increased conversions and boosted sales.


The Aeolian Islands Preservation Fund (AIPF) helps preserve the exceptional beauty and natural value of the Aeolian Islands. This suggestive landscape inspired novelists such as Alexandre Dumas, Jules Verne and J.R.R. Tolkien.

The AIPF supports local environmental, artisanal and sustainable initiatives, carried out by organizations and associations in Sicily, or by other Italian groups that focus on policies affecting the Islands.

Our management

Edoardo Cassina brings with him over 8 years of business and marketing strategy experience, including Head of Social Media Marketing at YAHOO and Global Content Manager for Social Media at NOKIA.

He has a knack for giving voice to stories and connecting them with the right audience.


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